Helping you get through the journey of freezing your eggs using evidence-based practice to improve your egg health months before retrieval.


Helping you try to improve your overall fertility by incorporating evidence-based practice which is tailored to you based on your health history.

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1:1 Fertility & IVF

A 6-month package for those who are struggling to get pregnant. We dive into your & your partner's health history and plan for ways to improve the health of eggs and sperm. This is to improve the likelihood of getting pregnant and reduce the likelihood of miscarriage. This is also for people who have struggled to get pregnant and are undergoing IVF
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1:1 Egg Freezing Coaching

A 3 or 6-month package for those who have decided they want to freeze their eggs or need help on deciding they want to freeze their eggs. I will guide, support, and advocate for you so that you prepare appropriately and get the best results. We dive into your health history and work on ways to get the highest quality eggs at the time of retrieval. 

So what will we work on?

TIMING: You are busy. There is a lot to consider when beginning the process. Let's make it streamline! We can find the right clinic & provider together, look into insurance coverage, anticipate hurdles, and formulate questions and plans for the process.

DIET: There are clinically proven diets and supplements to improve the quality of your eggs. This means you can have more high-quality eggs. It's not just about the quantity, the quality of the egg is vital to this process.

LIFESTYLE: What else can you do to improve the quality of your eggs? We will go into this at length and consider your personal health history, family history, home and work environment, and ways to improve your overall self-health to get the desired amount of healthy eggs. 

INJECTIONS: I will be with you for your medication. We will make sure it's stored & used correctly. I will be there with you to pull up the shots and coach you on self-administered shots. You will not be alone in this. We will get it right the first time.

EXPECTATIONS: We will discuss all your expectations and how to get the best outcomes. We will get through any curveballs that this process can throw. 

MENTAL WELLBEING: This may not be the path your originally anticipated, but how incredible is it that this technology exists! We will navigate any stress, anxiety, excitement, and concerns. Not to mention the hormonal changes after beginning the injections. Let's make a plan!

If you're struggling with freezing your eggs, then I can help you!


Let’s set up a free call to see if you and I are a good fit for each other! I’d love to chat more about where you are on your journey and how I can support you!

I have more than 11 years of medical experience. I also have helped many women get through this journey with LESS stress, and MORE Confidence, and feel like they were prepared. This journey can leave you feeling like you are clueless. Get this right from the get-go. I can help you prepare your body and your mind and plan ahead accordingly so that this is an easier & more successful process! You do not want to go through more retrievals than you have to, so let's get this right!

If you have already started and need guidance because you are overwhelmed, reach out to me and let's find a plan for you!

So, what will we do?

Egg-Freezing Clients

First we will do an extensive evaluation of your health history. This is to better understand your risks for infertility in the future and look for anything that may make this process more difficult. This is also a way to make sure the egg-freezing process is safe for you. I will work with you to determine if your insurance covers any of the costs associated with the visits, medication, etc. We then look at your life and upcoming plans and if there is anything we need to consider for the timing. We will discuss ways to improve your egg quality so that you get high quality eggs (ideally 3-4 months before egg retrieval). That means the eggs are more likely to create a healthy baby when the time is right. I will have meetings with you before and after your appointments (and I can attend virtually if you want!) to make sure you understand what is going on and ask any additional questions.  When your medications arrive, we will meet to talk about proper storage etc. When it's time for your shots, I will be there for you to get you through the process via video call. We will make sure you don't mess anything up and get it right the first time. I will be in frequent contact with you on the days you have your shots to make sure you are feeling okay and that everything is going as planned. After your retrieval, we will debrief and then again after your meeting with your provider to determine if another round is best for you! 

Infertily & IVF

If you are struggling with infertility or undergoing IVF, I am here to help. I first do a very thorough health assessment of both partners. This is to dig deep and determine if you have any underlying conditions contributing to infertility. We will look into what you have tried so far. We will discuss evidence-based ways to improve the quality of eggs and sperm. We will set goals and also look into all options regarding getting pregnant. We also talk about managing your mindset when you constantly feel like everyone else is getting pregnant and you begin feeling some resentment. It is so normal. I am here to help.

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“Going through the egg-freezing process knowing I had support from someone who took the time to get to know me and my situation made me feel like more than just a number."



“Katy’s background along with her calm nature and friendly personality was just what I needed to get through the egg-freezing process feeling educated, aware, and supported.”


“I’m happy I went through the egg freezing process so that the hard work is done now and when the time comes if I need them I don’t have to go through full the full IVF process wondering how many eggs I’ll get.” 


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