Pillars for Fertility Health

What does is mean to be healthy for fertility and avoid toxins?


Sleeping at night when our body repairs itself. Getting enough sleep affects fertility & hormone regulation.


Moving your body improves blood flow, which improves how your reproductive organs function. In fertility health, it is important to exercise but there is a range in which your exercise routine may be too little or too much. We don't want to stress the body too much with certain exercise routines. If you are working out for weight loss, this can improve your overall fertility, but there is balance to be mindful about when trying to conceive and when preparing for egg freezing/IVF.

Underlying Health Issues

Certain health issues affect fertility. There are ways to manage some of the negative effects of issues such as autoimmune disorders, endometriosis, PCOS, uterine fibroids, etc. We can minimize how these disorders affect your fertility. 


There are certain foods and nutrients that improve our fertility by providing us with what the eggs and sperm need to copy their DNA. A high-quality egg and sperm are what lead to a healthy baby. A Mediterranean diet has been proven to improve overall fertility.



In addition to the foods we eat, certain supplements are proven to improve egg and sperm health. The quality of supplements is also important. The FDA does not regulate vitamins so they are not all created the same. 


Toxins are things that affect our body and fertility negatively. We know that certain drugs can negatively affect fertility, but there are also things in our environment such as BPA, pesticides, water contaminants, and cleaning and beauty products that also negatively affect fertility. It’s impossible in today's world to avoid every toxin, but there are certain small behavior changes that can have a BIG impact on fertility.


This may sound like a lot.

Because it it. We look at your current health habits, diet, medication, etc., and determine what things YOU can do to improve your egg, sperm, and fertility health. We break each of these pillars and tweak the areas you need depending on what you are already doing.

Ready to improve your fertility health?